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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce you to the Bottle Bungee. A simple solution to a 6 year olds request for something to hold
his water bottle.

One Summer day my 6 year old son came home from a school feild trip to the park, he complained that he and the other children were hot and thirsty, and there was no where for them to get a drink. He asked me if I could send him a bottle of water to school for field trips.This got me thinking how will this child keep up with his water bottle? So I put my thinking cap on and made a simple device to hold a bottle around my son's neck. Thus the Bottle Bungee was invented!!!

The Bottle Bungee will hold all types of Soda & Water Bottles. We have tried many sizes and shapes and have found it to be very flexible.

Jared and his Bottle Bungee!!!
Please get in touch to offer comments or ask questions!! 

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